Do something; picture yourself enveloped in light

September 28th 2022
When you are feeling miserable and depressed, instead of just sitting there doing nothing (except stuffing yourself with pills and bothering others with your anxieties and nightmares), put your imagination to work. Picture yourself enveloped in light, sending your love to the whole world and overcoming all difficulties and temptations. Little by little, the pictures you create in your mind will come alive and begin to do their work within you; and while they are transforming you, they will also be working to bring you the elements you need from the universe. To be sure, all this requires much time and hard work. To begin with, you will not feel the effects of your work and you will often have to renew your efforts; but one day there will no longer be any doubt – the results will begin to show. You will sense the presence of a being hovering over you to protect, teach, purify and enlighten you. And when things become too difficult this being will give you the help you need.