Pernicious habits

Do not wait to mend your ways

September 30th 2022
Never give way to certain pernicious tendencies or mental habits without reacting, otherwise you will end by being their slave. And do not say, ‘Oh, when the time comes I will mend my ways and overcome these habits.’ Do not delude yourself; it is precisely when you make up your mind to reform your life that these tendencies will show their true strength. Yes, it is when people try to mend their ways that they realize they are bound hand and foot. As long as you are not conscious of being bound and do not struggle to free yourself, you do not feel your shackles; but the day you try to set yourself free... Oh, how it hurts! So be careful; never be slack about bad habits, thinking that you will straighten things out all in good time. You may be able to do so of course, if you really want to, but at the price of so much more effort and distress.