Crumbs and impurities attract insects and bugs

October 3rd 2022
We can learn many things by watching insects. For example, how many times have we noticed that if we leave a bit of food lying about, it is not long before the insects (flies, ants and so on) appear? What a sense of smell, what powers of divination they must have to be able to detect the presence of these crumbs of food from such great distances! And if we remove the crumbs they go away. The same law applies on the psychic plane. For on the psychic plane too, there are all sorts of ‘creepy-crawlies’ that detect from afar any impurities in us, and come to feed on them. Everywhere, in all spheres, everything is food for one thing or another. Maleficent, sinister creatures need to eat, as do heavenly, light-filled beings. So, be careful which entities your thoughts and feelings will attract to you.