The greatest of all is the transformation of the human heart

October 5th 2022
You are always expecting something sensational to happen and then, once it has happened, you soon forget it and revert to your pedestrian way of life. There have been initiates in the past who worked miracles, and those who witnessed them were of course impressed for a while. But this did not stop them from amusing themselves, committing crimes, or even burning those who had performed these wonders. Jesus worked miracles in front of an awe-struck crowd, and yet not long after having triumphantly welcomed him into Jerusalem with cries of ‘Hosanna to the Son of David!’, this same crowd cried ‘Crucify him!’. So, very often, the performing of miracles only serves to entertain people. We must seek true miracles in the rising of the sun, the unfolding of a flower, the smile of a child, or in the way in which a human being is built. But the greatest miracle of all is the transformation of the human heart, for that is the most difficult accomplishment.