Nnoying person

Raw material we must learn to “digest”

October 7th 2022
Suppose life sends you someone who annoys you: from a spiritual viewpoint, this being is raw material that your mouth – symbolically speaking – cannot take in. But if you have within you the warmth of love and the strength of light, your spiritual glands begin to work, and this person will eventually seem palatable, and will no longer upset your psychic state. As long as you insist on wanting to ‘digest’ someone without the benefit of light and warmth, you will suffer from indigestion and heartburn. Everything that comes to you in a raw state, be it food, human beings, situations or events, can be transformed by your love and intelligence. As long as you are not filled with light and warmth, your spiritual mouth will find these raw bodies unpalatable, but thanks to light and warmth, you will be able to accept and assimilate them.