Radiations, emanations, vibrations

Symbolic interpretation of these phenomena

February 12th 2011
You know what radiation, emanation and vibration are. But what you don’t know is that these phenomena are linked to the mind, heart and will. Radiation corresponds to the mind, emanation to the heart and vibration to the will. The mind radiates – it moves in a straight line. The heart emanates in circular waves. And the will vibrates to left and right, up and down, forwards and backwards. Radiation is the light that is projected to allow progress and discovery. Emanation represents expansion and giving, with the particles surrounding beings and things with their warmth. And vibration marks the beginning of action. In radiation there is wisdom. In emanation there is love. In vibration there is strength. And so you can tell how wise people are by the intensity of their radiations. You can feel how loving they are by the nature of their emanations. And you can find out how strong they are by the power of their vibrations.