Serving the lord

To benefit from true wealth

March 5th 2012
Humans see life in very simple terms: everything that exists must serve their needs. Whenever they can, they also exploit other creatures, and in every way possible. As for nature, it is only there to be exploited. If they could also make the Lord serve them, they would have no compunction in doing so. At least materialists and atheists leave God alone, since they do not believe in him. But what do believers do most of the time? They pester him with their demands and try to use him for their highly selfish ventures. As for you, you must understand that you will not be a truly spiritual person until you place yourself in the service of the Lord. Then, you will no longer even need to ask him for anything. Why? Because as soon as you begin to serve him, he will give you the benefit of his riches – true riches, those that never change and that nothing and no one can take away from you.