Criterion to discern the genuine from the fake

October 9th 2022
You should not ask a master to be all-knowing and all-powerful. You may only ask one thing of him: that for you he should be a link with heaven, that he should show you the way to God, that he should guide you along the path of light. A master will not bind you to himself, he will lead you towards God. And if you insist on staying with him, he will say, ‘No, no, you must not rely on me so much, I cannot give you everything, only the Lord can fulfil you completely. I am only able to help you to find the way. Think of me merely as a telephone box through which you can communicate with the divine world and the celestial hierarchies.’ This is what a true master will say to you. Of course, if he is not a genuine master, he will fill you with all kinds of other ideas; it is up to you to be discerning.