The lord organizes and harmonizes everything within us

October 16th 2022
When the teacher is not there, all the students start to shout and squabble. This is normal: ‘When the cat’s away, the mice will play.’ Yes, but as soon as the teacher arrives, they are all back in their places within seconds, because the head, or chief, has come in. Well, the very same laws exist within us. The Lord is the head, the chief, the centre, and as long as we refuse Him entry into ourselves, chaos will reign. When I hear someone say, ‘I don’t need the Lord, I can manage perfectly without Him’, I can only reply that of course they will manage, but in what disarray and at what cost! The head, the Lord, brings order among the cells that make up our organism. When He is there they all work in peace and harmony, and life flows without hindrance. You still do not understand why it is essential to have the Lord as a centre within you, so I shall tell you: because it is this spot at the centre that brings harmony and order to everything.