Divine love

Only divine love is inexhaustible and eternal

October 18th 2022
You yourself do not know what you are looking for. You think you are looking for the love of a man or a woman, but deep down it is the love of God that you are seeking. This is what you need: immensity, infinity, all the beauty of nature and of beings... But before you get to that point, you will have ‘shopped around’ in innumerable boutiques, asking for a little love, a little fulfilment. But no shop can supply you with these. Only the Lord himself possesses them, and you have to go and get them from Him. Look at what happens to all those who do their shopping in one little ‘boutique’ – and by ‘boutique’, of course I mean a pretty woman or a handsome man! After a time the supplies run out, and they go and try a new boutique, which they have just discovered. Here, the goods are much fresher, the advertising more effective and the window better dressed. There is more light, more colour... but once again, everything becomes tarnished and crumbles after a time, because it is not divine. Only that which is inexhaustible and eternal is divine. It is toward divine love that you must direct yourself.