Intellectual faculties

A stepping-stone to higher faculties

October 21st 2022
It could be said that human beings, having succeeded through their technical knowledge in taming the very forces of nature, have attained fantastic intellectual heights. But this is still not the type of perfection that the Creator has in mind for the human race. He wants us to develop faculties that are far beyond any scientific or philosophical abilities; faculties such as clairvoyance, intuitive understanding, a direct vision of things. You will say, ‘Well then, why have humans been encouraged to develop their mental powers?’ Because they needed them as a stepping-stone to the higher faculties. People first had to move in the right direction and go through the pre-ordained stages before being ready – as they are today – to develop these new abilities, without of course losing those they have already acquired. Our intellectual faculties must continue to develop, but in subordination to these other, nascent faculties.