Whatever happens, continue to work on yourself

October 23rd 2022
When you have been unfairly treated, you must not allow yourself to become bitter and vindictive. Just be patient and continue to work on yourself. Everything that is inspired by the divine world will endure and will one day shine with all its brightness; whereas purely human undertakings, even if they appear for a time to be successful, are condemned sooner or later to failure. When you see people who push others aside in their struggle to gain the best places, you can safely leave them to get bogged down in swamps of their own making. They will impoverish and weaken themselves, for they are unaware of how terrible the laws can be for those who have become servants of jealousy, lies and hatred. Heaven, with its infinite strength and power, will sort everything out. It continues to work imperceptibly but tirelessly, and everything will turn out well for those who have placed a sublime ideal of beauty and love in their lives, for the coming of the kingdom of God and brotherhood throughout the world.