Science of life

Protect life, purify it and let in the light

October 25th 2022
A master teaches his disciples the science of life. But the disciples, having no notion of the value of life, think, ‘Whatever is this science all about? We are not interested in learning how to live. What is interesting is to be able to predict the future, create talismans to protect ourselves, find out about our past lives, and so on.’ So they waste their time reading occult books, and meeting with people who apparently reveal great secrets to them. In the meantime, they neglect their life until, weakened, disillusioned, and having found none of the things they were looking for, they begin to understand that they have missed what is essential. Yes, for nothing – neither science, nor philosophy, nor powers, nor money – nothing can equal or transcend life. Therefore you must protect your life, purify it, let in the light, for it is through life that you will gain true knowledge, true clairvoyance, true riches and true powers.