Consider that everything is alive and intelligent

October 27th 2022
For most human beings, everything in the universe is devoid of intelligence or real life except themselves. In short, this pigmy known as man is the only living and thinking being! No, this is false, and because of this mistaken notion, death has been allowed to permeate our culture and our mentalities for centuries. That is why, if you want to be truly alive and intelligent, you must breathe life into everything around you: stones, trees, mountains, the sky, the sun... If you consider that everything is alive, that everything is intelligent, and even more so than you, then you will finally make progress. This is the psychology of the initiates. As long as humans imagine that they are the only thinking beings, and that all else in the universe neither thinks, nor understands, nor has feelings, they will make no progress. You only have to think that the sun is an intelligent, living being, and it will teach you. This is the truth that the world will one day be obliged to recognize.