We can take only our qualities and virtues with us

October 28th 2022
Calculate how much time you spend each day eating and sleeping – both necessary of course – but also talking nonsense and doing useless things. Years pass in this way, far from the true life, the life with God. What an awful waste! Then when the day comes for you to depart this earth, you will leave poor and naked. Always bear in mind that when you leave this earth, the only precious stones you can take with you are your virtues, the only gold your knowledge, the only jewels the adornments of your soul. You will be like people who are driven from their homes and obliged to leave their land, houses and belongings behind them. They rush to their safes to snatch up their gold and jewels, which are the only things that will allow them to survive. In the same way, when death comes, we cannot take our possessions into the next life, we can only cling to our qualities and virtues. The rest must be left behind. As of today, ask yourselves if you possess any true gold and precious stones.