Why fate leaves us in ignorance on the subject

March 7th 2012
The time will come when everyone will need to find out about their past lives for their own evolution. But not before they have gained inner mastery. Imagine you were shown that someone well known to you or even a member of your family was your arch-enemy in another incarnation and that they persecuted you or murdered you. How would you react? How would you interpret their behaviour from then on? Yes, the fact that you encounter a particular person in this life and that you belong to a particular family often means you have problems to work out with them. And what about those who are shown that in the past they had power or glory? Will they be sensible enough not to make exaggerated claims? If they do not know how to control their thoughts and their feelings, what are the effects going to be? Certain revelations are dangerous, as they may be disturbing and awaken in some the wish for revenge, or awaken ambitions that will hinder their evolution. As for those who claim to reveal other people’s incarnations, they are neither good psychologists nor good educators. If it was so important for people to know their past incarnations, why would providence now hide them from them? Precisely because it is provident: it keeps them in ignorance to make it easier for them to correct their past mistakes.