Spring of love

Always let it flow in spite of everything

October 29th 2022
Never stop loving and doing good. Even if others let you down hundreds of times, never let your spring dry up, for in doing so you lose everything. Obviously, if you shut yourself off from others they can no longer abuse or hurt you, but the water from your spiritual spring will stop flowing, and your life will end. Yes, for if you allow the wellspring of your life to dry up, the divine world closes its doors to you, and you will become poor and empty. Although, from an educational point of view, it may occasionally be useful to keep someone at a distance so that they learn to mend their ways, it is very harmful to shut ourselves off from humanity in general. Whether or not people deserve it, let the spring of love flow within you. You will say, ‘But it is unfair, they don’t deserve my love!’ It does not matter. Practise the injustice of love, or you will dry up and become a desert.