Holy image

It produces results thanks to the faith of the believers

October 30th 2022
Human beings pray, sing, kneel or burn candles before statues or icons. They kiss them, deck them with flowers and carry them in processions. But what is the power of a holy image? It stands there, made of plaster, wood or marble, unspeaking and inert, and yet believers ask it to save their souls. They have faith in it, and it is certainly true that their faith is rewarded. Why? Is it the icon or statue that does something? No. It is the intensity of the psychic energies projected by the faithful that produces results. These energies build up on the statue, which thus becomes a conductor – it transmits their prayers and supplications, and thanks to the intensity of their faith, their pleas reach heaven through the medium of the icon. It is they who have done everything, not the icon. The icon helps them only because of their faith in it.