Resolve problems by showing kindness, not by resorting to force

November 4th 2022
In their relationships with one another, human beings always resort to force to resolve their problems. Then, on the contrary, everything becomes more complicated, everything escalates, because with this attitude, they provoke the lower nature in others, that is to say, the desire to resist, to retaliate, or even to wipe them out. The use of force always incites hostility, and the result is years and centuries of fighting without ever resolving anything. The solution is to show kindness, love and humility. Of course, not everything gets straightened out immediately, because at first, if you show kindness and humility, others think that you are weak and stupid and they take advantage of this to continue trampling you underfoot. But after a while, when they realize that your attitude is not dictated by weakness but rather by a great spiritual power, they eventually become more conciliatory, and everything is worked out.