Cultivate it by means of intelligence and gratitude

November 5th 2022
In general, we do not think about how vital it is to cultivate contentment. Human beings live in a perpetual state of criticism, dissatisfaction and revolt, without knowing that this dissatisfaction is actually the manifestation of a lack of love. However, contentment cannot be based on feelings, because the heart is happy only when it has everything it desires, which happens but once in a while, and for a brief moment. So, feelings are not a very stable foundation. Whereas if you take intelligence, reason and thought as the basis for contentment, even if you are dissatisfied, you will know that you should be content, and your reasoning will quickly chase the clouds away. It is important to know that prolonged dissatisfaction, whether conscious or not, erodes and damages something in our being, and encourages negative actions. The best way to destroy the bad effects of dissatisfaction (which some people unconsciously maintain and nurture for years), is to give thanks repeatedly several times a day, even if there is no reason for it. Giving thanks is simply like an antidote to the poison engendered by discontent.