Gives its light to love, which gives its warmth to wisdom

March 8th 2012
What a reputation for knowledge and wisdom king Solomon gained in his time! And yet, what did he say? ‘Much wisdom, much sadness. More knowledge, more pain.’ Which shows that wisdom and knowledge do not necessarily make us happy. In fact, in the beginning, the light they bring us makes us worried and anxious: it reveals what we would often prefer not to see. And even though becoming a sage is an ideal for a human being, wisdom is not enough to bring happiness. It is love, not wisdom, that gives us happiness. So, to be happy you have to love. Yes, but love wisely. This is why love and wisdom are connected: wisdom gives its light to love, and love gives its warmth to wisdom, for wisdom is cold! And so, love and wisdom help each other, and those who possess them live in the fullness we call truth.