Their mission is to make human beings return to their celestial homeland

November 10th 2022
In the past, many artists received teaching from an initiatic school, which revealed to them how to rise to higher realms in order to capture forms, colours and sounds. When their works of art succeeded in conveying what they had received during their meditations and contemplations, these works would influence human beings, compelling them to take the same path towards the heights. That is why for centuries, these creations have continued to affect us. Nowadays, artists graduate from academies with all kinds of diplomas, but they know nothing about initiatic law and spout all sorts of theories to explain that their abstract art contains a philosophy, a thought that the masses cannot grasp. You look at a painting, turning it from side to side... What does it contain? What does it express? Nothing, nonsense and absurdities. Artists themselves do not know what art is anymore, what its role or its mission is. And yet it is simple, it can be summed up in very few words: the mission of art is to make human beings return to their celestial homeland.