Remedy for a chill

Take a hot footbath and drink hot water

November 12th 2022
When you catch a chill, instead of first swallowing all kinds of medication, drink several cups of very hot water and also take the hottest footbath possible so as to sweat and eliminate the toxins. This is how you will get better. Especially because when you take a hot footbath, you affect your solar plexus – which is linked to the feet – and that will in turn act on your whole body. How many times have you heard about these methods, which have proven to be effective! But you are stubborn: at the slightest indisposition you prefer to stuff yourselves with medication. To drink two or three cups of hot water and take a footbath, oh no, that is too simple, too cheap – it can’t be effective! Well, this is where you are mistaken.