Stop from time to time to instil a harmonious rhythm within you

November 17th 2022
This very bad habit you have of always being in a rush is what prevents your spiritual faculties from blossoming. It is true that speed, activity and dynamism are very good qualities that you need to develop, as they are useful on the physical plane. But you must also know when to stop and instil a slower, more peaceful and harmonious rhythm within you, so that other forces, other entities of a spiritual nature can set to work. You do not always have to be busy and in a hurry, running from left to right. Get into the habit of taking a break from time to time, and tell yourself that at least for a few minutes, you can finally be face to face with eternity, with the sun, with nature, with the beings of light, with yourself... You will feel divine forces awakening and settling within you to transform you.