Where you will find freedom and happiness

November 18th 2022
All those who think that by joining an initiatic brotherhood they will be controlled and restricted are mistaken. On the contrary, it is there that they will be free and happy. True realization is possible only in this one, true brotherhood – the Great Universal White Brotherhood on high, of which our brotherhood here on earth is but a mere reflection. And if you actually believe that it is up to you whether or not to enter it, you are wrong. Someone says that they do not want to belong to this brotherhood. The truth is that they were not accepted; if they were worthy of acceptance, their sole desire would be to enter it. Another says, ‘But I didn’t do anything and yet I was accepted into the Universal White Brotherhood.’ Yes, but the Brotherhood here is like a waiting room, it is not yet the Holy of Holies. It is much more difficult to be accepted on high, but once you are accepted your name is recorded, and you receive help and gifts from heaven every day.