Humans believe they are freeing themselves by using them

November 23rd 2022
By trying hard to prove that there is no God, no providence, no heaven, no hope of life after death, materialistic thinkers deny everything that gives meaning to human life: the reality of the soul and the spirit. They have claimed that religion is ‘the opium of the people’ and that to be happy, humans need only something to eat, a roof over their head, a family to raise and something to study. But what actually happens? Even when they have satisfied all the claims of their body, heart and intellect, humans are not satisfied. They have neglected to nourish their soul and spirit, and they too have demands! That is why drug use, which is becoming increasingly widespread in the world, is a warning. It is a sign that the soul is trying to make its needs understood: it is suffocating and using drugs to free itself. Did we really have to get rid of the opium of religion? Now we have marijuana, heroin, cocaine, and so on. Is that any better?