Sacred vessels filled by the river of life

November 24th 2022
Life is simply circulation, a cascading flow of energies. This is why initiatic science has provided the image of the river of life that gushes forth from the Divine Source and flows down to sustain every region in the universe. According to the Kabbalah, this river initially flows into the first sephira, Kether. Kether fills up, overflows and spills into the next sephira, Chokmah. Chokmah fills up and, in turn, the overflowing water feeds Binah. When Binah is filled up, the water pours into Chesed – and from Chesed to Geburah; from Geburah to Tiphareth; from Tiphareth to Netzach; from Netzach to Hod; from Hod to Yesod – the river of life flows all the way down to Malkuth, the earth. The sephiroth are the sacred vessels that are filled by the inexhaustible source of life.