Sexual energy

Nature has installed channels to direct it to the brain

November 27th 2022
If you build a dam on a river but provide no other channels, the river will eventually overflow and flood everything in its path, because a dam does not prevent water from flowing. Well, the same thing applies to human beings: if they choose to repress their instincts, especially their sexual instincts, tension builds up in their subconscious and there comes a point when everything is swept away. We should not block our energy but neither should we waste it. The solution is to provide it with a channel that will allow it to irrigate all your land – like the Egyptians in the past who dug canals so that the waters of the Nile could make their country fertile. In reality, nature itself has already taken care of installing channels in human beings through which their sexual energy can be directed to the brain. And just because anatomists have not yet discovered and described these channels does not mean that you should not try to work in this manner in order to become more lucid, more intelligent, and more creative every day.