Humility and pride

Understanding the richness of humility

November 28th 2022
Proud people imagine they are dependent on nothing and no one, exactly like a lamp that claims to be the source of light, forgetting that the power station supplies the current. Those who are humble, on the contrary, know that they are not isolated beings, that they are not independent and that if they do not remain linked to heaven, they will have neither strength, nor light, nor wisdom. They sense that they are a link in an infinite chain, the conductor of cosmic energy that comes from afar and flows through them to other human beings. A humble person is a valley irrigated by the water that descends from the peaks to fertilize the plains; they receive forces that pour forth from the mountains and so they experience abundance. Whereas proud people forget the source of the currents that manifest through them, they believe they are dependent only on themselves, and sooner or later, they end up losing everything. We have not yet understood the full richness of humility.