Inner voice

Higher beings who speak to us softly

November 29th 2022
If you were more attentive, if you had more discernment, you would sense that before every important undertaking in your life (whether it be a trip, a job, or a decision to be made), an inner voice is there advising you. But you do not pay attention because you prefer clamour and turmoil. In order for you to hear the being who speaks to you, it must make a lot of noise. If it speaks softly, you do not listen to it. Yet, you should know that when higher beings speak to you, they say only a few words in a voice that is barely perceptible. When, through your own fault, misfortune befalls you, you sometimes say to yourself, ‘Yes, of course, there was something there that warned me, but it was so weak, so faint…’ You did not listen because you preferred to heed the voices that spoke to you a great deal and very loudly in order to lead you astray.