The most important moment of an act

December 15th 2022
The beginning of an act is the most important moment of all for once you have set forces in motion, it is often impossible to stop them. You should never start something without considering the consequences your actions will lead to and the nature of the forces involved. It is easy to trigger energies and instigate events, but it is much more difficult to direct, orient and control them once they are in motion. Do not play the sorcerer’s apprentice. Remember that human beings have no power midway through or at the end of an act, only at the beginning. If, for instance, you are climbing a mountain and you deliberately tip over a great boulder, neither your willpower nor your strength will be enough to hold it back; it will crash down the mountain, destroying everything in its path. And this applies to every act in life. This is why, before you begin anything, you must be sure that you have chosen the best path and are calling on the best forces, so that you may bring only blessings to yourself and to others.