On the spiritual plane as well as on the material plane

December 16th 2022
Always carry out your tasks on the material plane as conscientiously as possible, but never forget to give precedence to the world of thought, to your ideal, to the spirit, to light. If someone says, ‘I could have lived so much better! Whatever possessed me to embark on the spiritual life?’ it shows that they have understood nothing, learned nothing, and will never get anywhere. If despite all the revelations you have received, you are still not convinced of the splendour and power of the spiritual life, then you will be mediocre even on the material plane. Someone who cannot commit on the spiritual plane, who remains weak, hesitant and ambivalent about it, will not achieve much on the material plane either. Those who succeed in society may not all believe in God, but they are certainly far more decisive, dynamic, courageous and active than many spiritual people, and that is why they are successful.