Purifying oneself

Washing ourselves inwardly to eliminate waste

December 17th 2022
Life is combustion: our thoughts, feelings and actions, all our expressions, are the result of combustion. In order to produce the energy that enables us to live, something must be consumed, and this combustion necessarily entails waste products that have to be eliminated. What happens if they are not eliminated? Just as an oil lamp cannot give light if the glass is not cleaned, or a coal stove cannot give warmth if the ashes are not cleared out, a person who does not know how to get rid of their waste sinks into darkness and cold, and ends up losing their life. Unfortunately, human beings who never think about these correspondences imagine that they can do whatever they like without worrying about getting rid of their impurities. They wash themselves every day because they know that if the pores of their skin become clogged it is very bad for their health. Well, they should also wash themselves inwardly, for by cleansing the pores of their spiritual skin, they can restore communication with the divine world.