Like children, they prefer that which is pleasant

December 18th 2022
You know what children say: ‘I love daddy, I love mommy, but I love jam more.’ A child’s mentality is summed up in this one word, ‘jam’, that is to say, whatever is easy, pleasant and sweet. Children do not know that difficult, bitter things would probably be better for them. They do not yet have enough wisdom to choose something unpleasant from time to time. And therein lies the danger, not only for children, but for adults who often behave like children. For behind the appearance of pleasure and charm are traps, disillusionment and bitterness. As long as human beings are not led inwardly – or outwardly – by a guide who is more far-sighted and has learned from their experiences, they will be seduced by whatever seems pleasant. Of course, they regret it once they break their necks, but by then it is too late.