Spiritual union

Creating a force to transform the world

December 22nd 2022
Individual life must prepare the way for collective, cosmic and universal life. Once you have developed yourself harmoniously, you must become a member of the collectivity so that it may benefit from your gifts. When you do this, you can be sure that you will lose none of the riches you have acquired; on the contrary, it is then that you become truly powerful. It is said that in unity there is strength. Why should we understand this only on the physical plane? It is when men and women are united to create a great universal white brotherhood that they are strong, and it is with this strength that we will transform the world. The world will never be transformed as long as each individual is content to develop and enrich themselves in their own little corner. Everyone must unite with the sole purpose of creating a tremendous force that will bring about the kingdom of God on Earth. What is the point of being individually intelligent or powerful? What good can that do for the collectivity? None at all. In fact it is sometimes harmful, for those who prefer to be alone in their superiority often use their situation to exploit or trample over others.