The birth of christ, of a new consciousness

December 25th 2022
When the soul and spirit unite, they give birth to a seed that is the starting point of a new consciousness. This consciousness manifests itself as an inner light that drives out the darkness; as a warmth of such intensity that even if the whole world abandoned you, you would never feel lonely; and as an abundance of life that bursts forth from you wherever you set foot. Such a consciousness is also accompanied by an influx of forces that you dedicate to the edification and construction of the kingdom of God; and of joy, the extraordinary joy that comes from feeling that one is in communion with the whole universe and all highly evolved souls, of being a part of that immensity. And finally, you feel certain that no one can ever deprive you of that joy. In India, this state is known as Buddhic consciousness, and Christians speak of it as the birth of Christ.