A fusion on high of masculine and feminine voices

December 26th 2022
Fusion is a universal law. The fusion of the masculine and feminine principles to create life is everywhere we look. When we sing together, this fusion of the two principles – the masculine and feminine voices – takes place on a very high plane, in the realm of the soul and the spirit, and the fruits it produces are joy, peace and fulfilment. So by singing together, we can perform a work of the highest white magic for the whole world. But to do this, you must become increasingly conscious of this law; you must work harder and harder to free yourselves from every element that holds you down in the lower regions in order to attain the absolute purity, which so exalts your entire being that you will project flames and colours all around you. Your vocal cords will then vibrate differently and transmit energies that will fuse on high and give birth to celestial beings.