New year

Clear out your old thoughts, feelings and habits

January 1st 2023

The New Year* is completely fresh and new, but at the same time it is already worn out, because the human beings who greet it are mired in their same miserable thoughts, feelings and habits. They have not thought to wash out their vessels before filling them with the pure waters of the new year. Yet this is the first thing we learn in the kitchen: we wash a dirty saucepan before filling it with clean water. But when it comes to filling their hearts and souls and minds with something pure, people never think of cleansing themselves first. They forget that the rules that apply in the kitchen also apply to their inner lives! If you want the new year to be truly new for you, think of it as someone very rich who is coming to visit you bearing marvellous gifts. Prepare many places within yourselves to receive those gifts, clean them tirelessly so as to clear out the old clutter from your hearts and minds. You must have a place ready and waiting inside yourselves before the new year arrives.

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