Address them to the beings who are nearest to humans

January 9th 2023

In their prayers and meditations, disciples must always begin by turning to the saints, prophets, initiates and great masters, for it is they who have the mission to look after human beings. Then, they can rise to a higher plane and invoke the angels, for of all the celestial hierarchies, it is the angels who are closest to human beings; it is they who hear their prayers and give them the help they ask for. Only then should they try to invoke the archangels. As for the principalities and the more exalted ranks of the angelic hosts, it is useless to try and make yourself heard by them. There are countless worlds in the infinite reaches of space, filled with billions of creatures, and these exalted hierarchies have immense tasks to fulfil at great distances from the earth; they have very little contact with our planet. Those who have been given the mission of taking care of humanity are mainly beings who once lived on earth and, having left it, still remember it. They are still attached to this world; they still have promises to keep. Disciples must know about the heavenly hierarchies*, but if they want their prayers to be answered, they must address them to those who are nearest.

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