Universal white brotherhood

It is the religion of christ

January 12th 2023

The Universal White Brotherhood* is not a new religion; it is the religion of Christ presented in a new form adapted to our times. All those who decide to work with the eternal, changeless principles of Christ belong to the Universal White Brotherhood. They are not destroying anything, they are not working against Christ; they are not introducing a new religion. They are simply discarding certain forms which, in the course of centuries, have become meaningless. If someone clings to forms it means that they have not understood the underlying principles and, imagining that their salvation lies in the form, they sleep soundly under its protection. Yes, those who trust in forms fall asleep. If you want to evolve, you must work with principles and rely less on forms. The Gospels tell us that, ‘the letter kills but the Spirit gives life’. Those who cling to the letter, to forms, claim to be motivated by the love of God; but it is not their love of God, it is their sloth that makes them refuse to be animated and led by the life-giving spirit that ceaselessly renews all forms.

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