Cultivate and strengthen it by leading a pure life

January 14th 2023

Our vocal chords are a musical instrument unlike any other, for they are not external to us; all that we experience in life and all the thoughts and emotions of our minds and hearts are reflected in them. This is why those who want to cultivate their voice and ensure that its beauty endures must not only take care of their health, they must also watch over the states of their inner life. The voice of a singer who leads a pure, well-balanced, harmonious life becomes stronger and increases in volume, flexibility, smoothness, subtlety and range; and as it obeys them more and more readily,* they are able to convey what they wish to express more easily. Instead of serving only their personal whims and passions, instead of seeking only pleasure or financial gain, singers should pursue a high ideal, for in this way they ally themselves with the spiritual entities who can help and guide them and show them ever better ways of improving and refining their voice.

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