Verify the origin of all your motives

January 15th 2023

Most people are inclined to believe that every idea that pops into their mind is necessarily sound, and this attitude gives rise to all misunderstandings. As long as they have not worked to purify themselves and vibrate in harmony with the world of love, light and truth, their antennae will be subject to error and the messages they pick up will be distorted and biased. You must stop clinging to an idea for no better reason than that it has occurred to you. Every sensation or idea, as well as the nature and origin of all your motivations, must be carefully scrutinized. If you are sincere, you will have to admit that most of your convictions or impulses generally come from below. The trouble is that if you have no standard by which to judge, you will fail to recognize where they stem from and hasten to follow their dictates. And this is the cause of all conflicts and dissensions: everyone is ignorant, no one has any discernment, and no one bothers to verify the validity of their opinions and assertions. A disciple’s first concern must be to acquire criteria so as to verify the basis and origin of the motive behind their every action.*

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