It acts upon our psychic bodies and our physical body

January 18th 2023

Prayer* is the breathing of the soul, and this breathing affects not only our psychic bodies but our physical body as well. Sincere, ardent prayer triggers a succession of reactions that can even modify the movement of electrons in the very substance of our physical body. The nature of the faculty by means of which a person strives to reach a Being or a world of a higher order is still not understood. Let us say, for example, that you are praying for light, love, peace or even health; the sincerity and fervour of your prayer raise you inwardly to another plane. You say that you are praying to God. No doubt; but God, who exists outside of you, of course, also exists within you, and it is to this higher power within that you pray. And when you touch this inner power through prayer, it responds with a gift, the gift of pure, intense currents of life, which flow through you and illuminate and harmonize everything they touch. So the pattern found in breathing is found also in prayer: there is the upward movement (inhaling) as you make your request, followed by the downward movement (exhaling) as your prayer is answered with blessings from above.

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