Experience it without going to extremes

January 19th 2023

When you experience great joy do not drink it to the dregs all at once; always keep a few drops in reserve, otherwise you will soon lose it again. Rejoice, but within limits. If you ignore this rule this is what will happen: you will be like a drunkard who, having had one too many, staggers drunkenly along the street, colliding first with one wall, reeling back and then colliding with the other, as if the walls were bouncing him from side to side. In all things, even in joy, moderation is desirable and there are precautions to be taken, for our inner life is also governed by the laws of equilibrium. So try not to go to extremes, otherwise one extreme will simply send you back to the opposite extreme and you will be forever tossed back and forth between states over which you have no control.*

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