Attuning ourselves to the same wavelength

January 21st 2023

Depending on the way a human being lives and behaves, their vibrations will be tuned to the wavelength of certain entities, and it is this attunement that attracts those entities. This is the most powerful secret of magic, and it has been known from the earliest ages of man. In ancient Egypt, for instance, the initiates concentrated, recited set formulas and put on certain vestments or masks so as to identify with the gods Osiris or Horus. By vibrating on the exact same wavelength* as the god, for a brief moment they became an incarnation of this sublime entity, thus enabling him to speak and manifest himself through them. We can create a bond between ourselves and something or someone else only by tuning in to the same vibrational frequency. This is the law of physics on which radio is based, and Initiates were familiar with it long before contemporary physicists. Also, since they understood it more perfectly, they knew that it applied on the psychic, spiritual plane as well as on the physical plane. This is why they gave their disciples rules and methods designed to help them to vibrate in unison with heavenly entities, receive their messages and benefit from their virtues.

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