Homeopathic doses

First, they act on our subtle bodies

February 1st 2023

Homeopathic doses do not act on the physical body that much because the particles of which it is made are too compact – massive doses must be given to affect them. However, these doses do act on the etheric, astral and mental bodies whose particles are extremely delicate and subtle. You will say, ‘But how can they then affect the physical body?’ Through the intermediary of the other bodies. A look, a word or simply a thought, for example, are homeopathic doses that affect a person’s astral and mental bodies, where they set off reactions that eventually reach the physical body. Through the intermediary of the mental, astral and etheric bodies, a look of hatred or a cruel word can actually make a person ill. You have caused such a feeling of distress or horror that it is reflected upon the physical body. Conversely, when someone is dejected, say a few words to them or place your hand on them, and they soon recover! Here too, you have given a homeopathic dose that was received by their subtle bodies and then reflected on their physical body.*

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