He makes a great sacrifice to take care of human beings

February 9th 2023

You cannot yet measure how great a sacrifice a Master makes in agreeing to live among human beings. Human beings, for their part, do not make a sacrifice; they benefit by having a Master, for in this way, they rid themselves of their impurities and imperfections, and the Master gives them pure water and light. For a Master, a saint or an Initiate, accepting to take care of human beings is the greatest sacrifice because he constantly loses through it. Let us rather say that he constantly gives and distributes, but that, fortunately, he is linked to heaven from which he receives divine life. An Initiate gives below and receives from on high. As for the disciples, they endlessly gain: they improve, they are purified, and become more intelligent, more attentive – they acquire a great many qualities thanks to their Master.*

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