Occult powers

Prepare and purify yourself in order to obtain them

February 10th 2023

Human beings have a tendency to want to obtain everything without being prepared, and this tendency is the cause of many anomalies and catastrophes in the world. Spiritual people are no exception to the rule. They want to begin with what should come only at the end: the acquisition of occult powers. They have not purified themselves, but they are eager to know the greatest secrets in order to use them for their own gain. They will be crushed by these great secrets, which they will not be able to bear, yet they do not see the danger. It is boring to educate, purify and control oneself, so they want the means to obtain everything they crave right away… and there you have candidates for the black lodge! Why do people want everything before they are prepared? Preparation takes a very long time, it can last a whole lifetime, if not several lifetimes, but once someone is truly ready, they can have it all in a few minutes, and what they obtain in this way will make of them a source of blessings.*

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