Do not give it away, rather give your finest sentiments

February 11th 2023

Someone comes to you and says, ‘Oh, what a beautiful violin you have there, please give it to me!’ If you are wise, you will say, ‘No, I will not give you my violin, it is mine, but come every day and I will play it for you.’ But are you wise? So many young girls and young boys give away their violin – their heart – and then, having no heart left, they cry, ‘What have you done with my heart?’ They should not have given their heart away. Yes, a young girl gives her heart to a boy, but since he is clumsy, he drops it, leaving her to cry over a broken heart. If she had been smart, she would have understood that as the boy already had a heart, he did not need a second one. In Bulgaria, we say that you cannot carry two watermelons under one arm. So hold on to your heart. Give others your good sentiments, but keep your heart, give it only to the Lord for he will not drop it.

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