Magic is based on the gestures of everyday life

February 13th 2023

When you are able to move an object harmoniously, you activate beneficial forces within yourself that will eventually act favourably upon others as well. So if you are interested in magic, do not go looking for it in rituals or spellbooks – it is right there within reach, in your gestures. The day you learn to master your gestures, you will become a true white magus. True magic is not about acting upon others, but acting first upon oneself and it is based on the slightest gestures of everyday life. If you do not start by mastering your gestures, you will never know white magic. On the other hand, you can be certain that you will be constantly at risk of conducting black magic. So be careful: you will always be the first to reap the beneficial or evil effects of your gestures, even if you make them unconsciously.*

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